Testosterone Optimization

Why Testosterone?

Testosterone is not a “cure-all” or a “miracle drug”. It is, to put it simply, a game-changer for many men struggling to age with strength, mental clarity, and grace. Hundreds of patients report that comprehensive, properly prescribed and monitored treatment provides significant, often dramatic, benefits. Testosterone may be what you need to revitalize your energy, your work performance, your libido, and your life.
















700 and Higher

Levels of 700 to 1100 are associated with greater energy, mental clarity, muscle mass, and strength,reduced body fat, improved sleep, enhanced sexual function, and better overall health. If your level is below 700 and you have symptoms of low testosterone, please schedule an appointment with Balance Medical. We will conduct an examination to identify the root cause of your imbalance and work to correct those imbalances.


550 and higher

Levels of 550 and above help to protect you from heart disease, diabetes, Alzheimer's, muscle wasting, osteoperosis, and depression. If you have symptoms of low testosterone and your levels are below 550, corrective action is recommended.


300 and lower

Levels below 300 are associated with mortal cardiac events, stroke, prostate cancer, and obesity. If you are in this category, immediate corrective action is recommended.

Treatments Include:

  • Monthly Consult for optimal therapy. These consults include (but are not limited to) medication, dietary, lifestyle, and activity modification.

  • Testosterone Cypionate or Enanthenate, 5mL vial

  • Injectable hCG (human Chorionic Gonadotropin)  250 iu twice per week

    • higher dosage (500iu) is possible for an extra $25 per month​

  • Syringes and needles

    • Syringes are a 1 mL Luer Lock syringe, capable of accurately measuring 0.1 to 1.0 mL

    • Drawing up medicine from the vial requires a 21 gauge needle. It does not matter that this is 21 vs. 18 gauge, whichever it is, do not inject with this needle as it HUGE and will hurt. Dealing with the pain doesn't make you tougher, it only allows for scar tissue to develop in an area that you want sensitive to medication uptake.

    • Injecting is most often performed subcutaneously with a 27 gauge 1/2 inch needle into the abdominal fat. Those who prefer intramuscular injections may use a 25 gauge 1 inch needle into the anterior (front) side of the thigh. As most of our patients inject subcutaneously, we will send you the 27 gauge unless you specifically request something else.

    • HCG will be injected with an insulin syringe approximately 2 inches from the umbilicus (belly button) on either side. It is easy to differentiate this syringe from the other syringes because there is no way to remove the needle from this syringe.

  • Anastrozole. According to individual levels and symptoms, a patient may need anastrazole. We will be monitoring your estrogen levles and, if needed, this medication will be called in to a local pharmacy of the patient's choice.

  • All medications and supplies will be shipped to your house for convenience

Not Included:

  • Supplements. While every patient is unique in their supplemental needs, there are a few supplements that most men on testosterone replacement will benefit from. DIM, most often dosed at 100 mg/day, will work to prevent male pattern baldness and prostate enlargement, and DHEA, most often dosed at 50 mg/day, will act as a "testosterone reservoir" to improve cognition, workouts, and tissue repair.

    • Current patients of Balance Medical are welcome to shop our supplement webstore at balancemedical.ehealthpro.com and use the code "MED40" at check out to receive 40% off retail cost of our pharmaceutical grade supplements. We will even waive shipping, our goal is to provide the highest level of care at the lowest price possible.

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