Injecting a pharmaceutical nutrient is by far the safest, most effective way to introduce a nutritional therapy to our body, having an absorbtion rate much higher than could ever be achieved through food. We leverage this advantage with nutrition to create a potent therapy geared towards burning fat, improving organ function, building muscle, and enhancing the recovery process. Results should be noticable even after taking once weekly injections for one month.


Lipo +B12 Injections

Designed to melt fat, increase energy, and rebuild collagen (skin and joints), these injections will provide significant benefit for those desiring a thinner, younger looking body. Our therapies include 30mL vials of amino acids.


GOAL Injections

With this combination of pharmaceutical grade amino acids, your body will be performing at its optimal state. These Amino Acids are also known to increase muscle mass, decrease recovery time, improve athletic performance, endurance, stamina, immune function, and raise your maximum muscle output! Our therapies include 30mL vials of amino acids.


GAC LIV Injections

Designed with the bodybuilder in mind, this injectable combination reduces inflammation in joints, connective tissue and muscle. Use this therapy as the most nutritionally potent way to improve lean body mass, athletic performance, cardiovascular health and vascular function. We have added on the notorious BCAA's in injectable strength to capitalize on the anabolic function of this compound. Our therapies include 30mL vials of amino acids.

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