Frequently Asked Questions

What is an intramuscular injection (IM)? 

An intramuscular injection is the technique by which medication is delivered deep into the muscle for quick absorption into the blood stream. Vaccinations, such as the flu shot, are delivered via intramuscular injection.  These videos demonstrate the procedure for delivering an intramuscular injection. 


I just received my medication, how do I mix my hCG?

  1. Remove the plastic covers from the diluent and the hCG itself, then thoroughly wipe clean the rubber stoppers with an alcohol pad. 

  2. Draw up x amount of the bacteriostatic water (your personal prescription will give the amount you need to draw up) into the large syringe found in your package, then insert the diluent into the vial of the powdered hCG. ***Make certain to gently squirt the fluid down the vial's wall (this is a very delicate hormone and can be damaged by vigorous handling).Pressure may have built up in the vial so make sure the rubber stopper is pointed up when you withdraw the needle. Air (or medicine) will come out if the internal pressure is even slightly positive.

  3.  Gently roll (do not shake) the vial back and forth until the medicine is COMPLETELY dissolved. After reconstitution your hCG will need to be refrigerated. 

  4. **The video below is for visualizing the mixing technique. Pay absolutely no attention to the amounts the gentleman is using.

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